Are you wanting to keep your abs strong during pregnancy?

*I’ll be honest…pregnancy IS the best time to strengthen your core.*

This is because you have a baby inside your belly to give you tactile feedback and connect with your body on a whole new level.

>>By keeping your abs strong during pregnancy, you can prepare your body for labor and have an easier recovery postpartum.<<

Are you ready to feel stronger than even before you were pregnant?

If so, let’s chat about 3 ways pregnant mamas can keep their abs strong during pregnancy!

1. Don’t Over-Activate Your Abs

It’s common for bumping mamas to activate their abs like they did before they got pregnant.

>>By continuing this way of activation, it could develop diastasis recti, worsen back pain, or contribute to pelvic floor dysfunction.<<

A tip to spot if you are over-activating your abs is noticing if there is any coning of your belly. If your belly is not nice and rounded, you should stop doing that exercise or modify it.

2. Release and Relax through Your Deep Core

As your baby is getting bigger, not only is your belly and skin stretching, but also the muscles and fascial tissue.

>>Instead of fighting against it and holding everything in tight, allow yourself to work with your body.<<

Take a deep breath in through your nose and let your belly relax. Visualize your breath filling up your belly while feeling a stretch down into your pelvis and pelvic floor.

This is a powerful tool in helping to keep your abs strong during pregnancy.

3. Create Light Core Connection

There are so many layers of fascia through the body and abdominal wall that strengthens the core and supports the pelvic floor in order to hold your baby.

>>Creating a light core connection starts at the pelvic floor.<<

Visualize your pelvic floor as a diamond at the base of your pelvis. Exhale to lightly draw the four points together and gently draw upward through your body while giving your baby a nice hug.

You will notice your belly come in slightly, but the connection is not coming from the front of the belly, it’s coming from underneath the belly.

This connection activates your transverse abdominis which holds all of these amazing layers of fascia.

These are the muscles that you’re training to keep your abs strong during pregnancy.

With all that said, doing something is better than nothing.

Even taking the time to read through this blog post is still something!

Through consistency, you will be able to keep your abs strong during pregnancy to prepare for labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery.

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