Fortunately bodyweight workouts are perfect for this form of training since you’ll be focusing on many single leg variations and bodyweight core stabilization drills. Learn how to implement this tip with our awesome BODYWEIGHT WORKOUTS.

Don’t Mindlessly Blow Out Reps & Chase Fatigue

Chasing fatigue, while quite enticing during bodyweight workouts is not the most effective methodology of training.  Yes some fatigue, particularly when strategically applied towards the end of workouts as finishers, is totally acceptable and in many ways quite effective. However, fatigue is also the enemy of motor programming. In other words, too much fatigue can degrade movement mechanics and ingrain poor activation patterns.  Additionally it can be quite catabolic while simultaneously reinforcing weak muscular contractions as the quality of your repetitions inevitably degrades.  As expert strength coach Vince McConnell so eloquently states, “The ego exercise at the gym is ‘How heavy can I go’. The ego exercise at home is ‘How tired can I get’.” Neither of these methods will optimize your training or your results. Read more about the best rep range here. Learn how to implement this tip with our awesome BODYWEIGHT WORKOUTS

Focus On Full Body

Although body part splits have their place in training programs, bodyweight training is hardly the place for it as you simply don’t have the necessary training loads, tools, or gym options to truly crush any one particular muscle.  To get the most out of your bodyweight training and home gym quarantine workouts, focus on hitting full body routines by using a variety of upper body movements, lower body drills, balance exercises, explosive bodyweight jumps, and core stabilization exercises.  Additionally, since one of the primary goals during your bodyweight training phase should be improved body mechanics and technique, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through more frequent practice.  That means higher frequency of training a particular movement pattern.

Use Water Bottles

Besides representing the most readily available form of loading most folks will have access to, water bottles are also surprisingly hard to control and stabilize similar to the oscillating kinetic energy method (i.e. hanging band technique).

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