Can I make a confession? I love inspiring women to stay active during pregnancy!

>>Not only does staying active help you create a healthy lifestyle, but it also prepares you for birth and recovery postpartum.<<

Now that I have been working with prenatal women for almost 20 years, I have a few tips that will set your movement practice up for success.

*And no, Beautiful, you don’t need 30 minutes to get it done!*

1. Prioritize Your Movement Practice

One of the biggest pieces of advice I give my students is to have your priorities aligned with your goals.

As you begin to evaluate what’s important to you, you will see more time free up in your day to get moving.

>>By prioritizing your health, you are allowing yourself to be the best mom, spouse, and woman you can be.<<

It takes added effort, but don’t let that stand in the way of what you want for your pregnancy and your little one.

2. Avoid Sitting for Too Long

Nowadays they say sitting is the new smoking. *And I couldn’t agree more!* It’s important to create length and space in your body and sitting doesn’t allow you to do that.

>>Not to mention standing up and moving around is also great for your mental health!<<

Set a reminder on your phone to encourage you to switch from sitting and standing throughout your day.

3. Add Exercises In Throughout Your Day

Movement doesn’t have to be complicated.

Find little moments throughout your day where you can add in some exercises that help you connect with your body.

>>This mindset shift will benefit your body as you prepare for birth and recovery postpartum. Something is better than nothing, mama!<<

4. Bring Awareness to Your Posture

What would you say if I told you that the foundation of all good fitness habits comes down to your posture?

That might seem impossible with your growing bump, but it’s a major piece! The foundation of all good fitness habits is to bring awareness to how you’re holding your body.

>>This couldn’t be more true because of the pregnancy postural shifts.<<

As you’re bringing awareness to your posture, remember these cues:

  • Lengthen tall through the top of your head
  • Activate your mid-back
  • Zip up through the front of your core
  • Evenly distribute weight in your feet
5. Activate Your Pelvic Floor/Deep Core

The goal with every one of these tips is to properly activate your pelvic floor. *Which is apart of your deep core!*

>>When you have proper pelvic floor connection, you are able to have better back support, strengthen your deep core, and better your postpartum recovery.<<

*Are you ready to stay active during pregnancy with me?!* 

picture of free pregnancy workout

Whether you’ve always been active or just getting into this healthy lifestyle, I know you’ll love my Pregnancy Workout. It’s full of moves and techniques to strengthen your deep core and body in a way that’s safe, effective, and bump-approved. Get access >>HERE<< and start preparing your body for birth through movement!

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