Do you know what’s the BEST way to manage pregnancy back pain relief?

Spine Mobility.

Moving your spine helps create space through your body as you’re experiencing postural shifts during pregnancy.

Learning how to release your body is just as important as strengthening it…But let me tell you, mama, it’s not about moving perfectly, it’s just about getting your spine to move.

*Yes, it’s true: there’s a lot you can do to minimize and prevent aches and pains through movement!*

>>That being said, this is an amazing exercise to help your low back feel more fluid, get rid of discomfort, and connect with your deep core.<<

Let’s get into it shall we?!

Here’s How to Release Your Low Back:

First, I always want to make sure that you are comfortable before doing this exercise. If you are experiencing any knee discomfort, you may want to double up your mat. You NEVER want to have any pain when you’re moving especially during pregnancy!

Next, you are going to be on all fours and place your booty somewhere between a cat cow position and a child’s pose. While looking straight down at your mat, you are going to take a deep inhale breathing into your back.

On your exhale, lightly zip up and give your baby a gentle hug as you start to round your spine to come partway up to the center letting your head fall. As you inhale to go back, think about spreading your sits bones and reaching long through your fingers.

Experiment with rounding your spine so that you’re pressing each side up to the sky and looking underneath your armpit.

Always finish in the center to open your chest and get opposition through your spine as you come up to a seated position.

Want to see this movement in action?!

Check out the video below as I cue you through this pregnancy back pain relief exercise!

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